Tiaras are one of the first thing on a bride’s mind when she is arranging her wedding outfit and they are one of the most important accessories of the big day! Next to the bridal bouquet and of course not including the dress… the tiara is a real talking point!

Traditional tiaras

Traditional tiaras are still the first choice for many brides to be; diamanté is the most popular choice and for some lucky girls diamonds! Clear, sparkling diamonds are very hard to compete with when it comes to flattering the wearer and showing off a special hairstyle to greatest advantage.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a small, subtle tiara or a dramatic statement piece, most traditional tiaras are simple and easy to wear and also to attach a veil to if you so wish. Worn alone or with a veil, a beautiful tiara will make the wearer feel very special indeed.

Vintage tiaras

Vintage tiaras are very popular and with some brides looking for original vintage tiaras, manufacturers and designers are going all out to imitate the exquisite designs as best they can. Vintage tiaras often feature floral designs and use stones such as pearls, turquoise, diamonds and rubies; or a more affordable version of them!

Floral tiaras

Floral tiaras often imitate real blooms but are made in various materials such as hand painted ceramic, resin and even plastic! Colourful and realistic this type of tiara are growing in popularity as some brides move away from the more formal tiaras which have dominated the market for so long.

Not all brides choose to wear tiaras but may choose a small hairband or floral arrangement instead, whatever you decide you want for your wedding the important thing to remember is to take it along with you to your hairdresser for a trial run! Fixing certain hairstyles in place with a tiara in situ can be quite a technical operation and most hairdressers like a trial run before the big day!


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